Our Mission

To manifest the most flexible, yet simple scheduling and booking system tailored to meet your exact needs.

Behind the Scenes...

Podsoft was born during a pandemic, solving real problems using our 7+ years of professional scheduling software experience in order to make this world a better place for us all.

Our goal is to make Podsoft the best place to work, and the best place to be a client.

What does Podsoft have to do with “pods”?

COVID-19 is driving parents nuts! Partly because their kids are not able to exercise safely. Partly because their kids need them to help with this new version of school. Our routines have been turned upside down and our old systems aren’t holding up. 

During this lockdown, the concept of “pods” started coming up. The New York Times wrote about it.  Parents are grouping several (3-12) kids together so they can still enjoy physical education and in-person education without risks of COVID. Now when these pods try to book summer camps, fitness lessons and tutoring sessions as a unit/group, most of your competitor’s systems are breaking because they’re not built for this, but Podsoft is…

Who We Are

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Natalie Sanchez

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Head of Sales

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Lead Developer

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Lead Developer

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