Customizing Your Booking System and Registration

Do you have unique or complex business logic and cookie-cutter out-of-the-box solutions are simply not working?

Let us tailor a 100% risk free solution for you!

Off-the-shelf Software Doesn't Work?

Do you have a complex pricing structure? Sibling discounts? Multi-session discounts? Complex scheduling/availability or payments? Fear not — we’ll integrate and automate your registration process with all your existing software, on your own website, with 0% transaction fee.

Make it effortless on your end.

Increased Profitability + Saved Time


You’ve done your part and now your customers (potentially) are on your website looking at how to register. Unlike your competitors with a mediocre registration process that experiences a 50%+ drop-off rate, you can leverage Podsoft to seamlessly take them across the finish-line in the simplest way.

Registration Should Be Made Simple For Your Customers And Flexible For You!

Whether your customers are trying to register for your in-person, virtual, or pod/group-based reservations, make it easy and simple for them — visually and logically. With Podsoft’s interactive registration process, you can have their questions answered as they register so they don’t have to be calling you. Self-service for your customers, peace of mind for you.

What Is True-Integration

Ever update your pricing, locations, programs, forms, etc and have to worry about inconsistency across multiple systems? 

With True-Integration, data syncs seamlessly from a source-of-truth, without your manual effort.

If your registrations don’t automatically go into your CRM or management software, then you don’t have True-Integration.

What Others Say

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Your Guarantee

100% Risk-Free And Integrity First

If you don’t like what you’re using for any reason, or no reason at all, simply let us know and we’ll give you a refund, no harm no foul.

We’re here to grow together with you and provide you with top-tier support and VIP service.

Try Podsoft 100% risk-free And See How It works Magically With Your Existing Software.